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Born in Edmonton and raised in Vancouver, I spent my childhood playing dress-up and creating characters. Since then I’ve done many things: graduated from school, held jobs, made movies, filed taxes, traveled the world, met my true love, birthed two children. But I always seem to find myself back in the playroom with my dress-up clothes and my stories.


My favourite colour is that golden blinding reflection of a sunset in the windows.


My parents have been storytellers for longer than I can remember. Mom read me bedtime stories every night, long before, and after, I learned to read them for myself. Dad was the master of hyperbole and metaphor.


I co-wrote and starred in my first play, `Gags Life’ in 1986, about a girl who magically and tragically lives in a tent with her mother Moisa on Campground 6 with the rest of her devastating extended family. The show was produced by and performed in the dining room of my family home, and ran every day for a staggering year straight. I was six years old.



I followed my passion for storytelling to Walnut Hill Performing Arts High School as dance major, and in my junior year, landed my first professional gig. I continued my education in theatre upon moving to NYC at various schools and then back home to Vancouver Film School, where I was afforded the opportunity to broaden my horizons and hone my skills. I studied acting, collaborative theatre, writing and film–making, among many other things. 



Sunshine, laughing with my husband, teaching my kids new things, brainstorming with friends and wine, singing, dancing, yoga, crafting and chocolate. Good talks and good light. Baths, books and berries. Colouring, smiling, words and conversation. Using my eyes and using my hands. 

But most of all, I like stories.

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