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Festival Circuit

Jane - Short Film

Genre: Drama

Writer: Jovanna Burke

Director: Sydney Scotia

Producer: Jovanna Burke

Co-Producers: Alex Vance, Braydon Langford, Erin Boyes, Phil Planta, Wai Sun Chen, Kimi Alexander, Emily Tennant

Starring: Jamie Callica, Emily Tennant, Eowynn Enquist + Jovanna Burke

Logline: When a misunderstood young wife in the late 19th century is restricted by her well intentioned physician husband to a summer of bed-rest, her imagination takes her down a spiral of what we think is her descent into madness, but is it?


World Premiere: VAFF - November 2022 

Festivals: (to date)

Vancouver Asian Film Festival; Vancouver Independent Film Festival; Chilliwack Independent Film Festival; Rhode Island International Film Festival; Canada Shorts Film Festival; Venice Shorts Film Awards; Toronto Women Film Festival; Big Sur Film Festival; Yucca Valley Film Festival; Columbia Film Festival; Spotlight Film Festival; New York International Women Film Festival ; Rome Women in Film Festival; Golden Bridge Istanbul International Film Festival ; Nepal Cultural International Film Festival ; Symbiotic Film Festival; Paris International Women in Film Festival; Brooklyn International Short Film Festival; Three Fires International Film Festival; Montreal Independent Film Festival; The Bay International Film Festival; Hobnobben International Film Festival; Yellowstone International Film Festival


Awards: (to date)

Award of Excellence - Canada Shorts Film Festival -Jane

Best Editing- Venice Shorts Film Awards - Nathan Young

Best Actress- Vancouver Independent Film Festival - Jovanna Burke

Best Director- Vancouver Independent Film Festival - Sydney Scotia

Best Canadian Filmmaker - Toronto Women Film Festival - Sydney Scotia

Best Screenplay - Toronto Independent Festival of Cift - Jovanna Burke/Jane

Best Short Screenplay - Comox International Film Festival - Jovanna Burke /Jane

Best Production Design - New York Women Film Festival - Tracy Labrosse 

Best Musical Score - Tabloid Witch Awards - Liz Huang and Brandon Smith

Best Short Film - Toronto Feedback Film Festival 

Best Director - Rome Women Film Festival 

Best Drama/Horror Short - Spotlight International Film Festival 


Nominations: (to date)

Best Actress - Chilliwack Independent Film Festival - Jovanna Burke

Best Actress - Golden Bridge Istanbul Film Festival - Jovanna Burke

Best Cinematography - Canadian Cinematography Awards - Peter Planta 

Best Short Film - Brussels World Film Festival 

Best Short Film - The Bay International Film Festival 

Best Short Film - Montreal Independent Film Festival 

Best Short Film - Brooklyn International Short Festival

Best Short Film - Nepal Cultural International Film Festival 

Best Short Film - Golden Bridge Istanbul Film Festival

Best Actress - Golden Bridge Istanbul Film Festival 


Limted Theatrical Release / VOD

Parallel - Feature Film 

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Writer: Jonathan Keasey, Aldis Hodge, Edwin Hodge

Director: Kourosh Ahari

Producers: Rumble Riot:Sean Lydiard, Jaylen Moore + Aldis Hodge, Edwin Hodge

Executive Producer: Jovanna Burke, RJ Collins, Bondit

Distributor: Vertical Entertainment

Starring: Danielle Deadwyler, Aldis Hodge, Edwin Hodge

Logline: Follows the journey of Vanessa, a grief-stricken woman who mysteriously finds herself navigating between parallel spaces.




Festival Circuit

A Brothers Bond -FEATURE FILM

Genre: Drama

Producer: Jovanna Burke

Director: Braydon Langford

Writer: Wade Wishloff + Braydon Langford

Co- Producer: Kevin Parkhouse

Associate Producers: Jeff Evans-Todd, Jessica Pegram

Editor: Marc DaVinci

Executive Producer: Wade Wishloff

Starring: Derek Anderson, Jeff Evans-Todd, Janet Kidder, Alex Zahara, Alyssa Parker, Marc-Anthony Massiah, Cruze McKinnon and Felix Burke

Logline: When two estranged brothers lose their father in a car accident, they must go on a series of adventures to re-ignite their bond before receiving their inheritance. 

Status: Premiered February 2024: Mann's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA (Golden State Film Festival)

The Lease Poster-2.png



Genre: Thriller

Producer: Jovanna Burke

Writer: Dominique Roy

Logline: When a domestic abuse survivor seeks refuge in an all-female social housing complex, she finds the building run by a predatory manager and decides to take matters into her own hands. 

Status: Script + Shopping Agreement +Pitch Package



Hartley House -Television Series

1 Hour - SciFi Period Drama

Creators: Jovanna Burke & Chelsea Hobbs

More info:

Logline: When her dearest patients start to go missing, an ambitious nurse begins to unravel the mysteries behind the asylum that she works at...only to discover the true meaning of her own twisted past. 

Status: Series Bible/ Pilot Script



The Sandwich Generation -Web-Series

20 Min- Sitcom/Comedy

Creators: Jovanna Burke & Chelsea Hobbs

Logline:"The Sandwich Generation" is a heartwarming exploration of love, laughter, and the inevitable chaos that ensues when three very different sisters come together to care for the woman who raised them, proving that family bonds are not only complicated and beautiful but also at times surprisingly intense and challenging. Their interesting relationships and the joint custody of their mother takes centre stage in this hilarious comedy.

Status: Bible - Seeking development funds

The Watchers Series Pitch Deck.jpg


The Watchers -Television Series

I Hour- Horror/ Fantasy

Creator: Jovanna Burke

Logline: When a skeptical 22-year-old loses her father and finds out that she is a part Angel/Human hybrid, she and her brother set off on a series of adventures to avenge  their father and fight horrifying otherworldly creatures in order to get him back.

Status: Pilot/ Series Bible/ Pitch Deck

Brick + Mortar Pitch Deck 1.jpg


Brick + Mortar

Limited Series

Creators: Jovanna Burke + Dominique Roy

Logline: When an opportunity to develop dream homes lands in her lap, an ambitious young woman must swindle unsuspectinghome buyers in the 1980s to invest in her shiny new development before her fraudulent scheme is exposed.


Status: Script /Pitch Deck 

Eleanor Bly Mysteries Pitch Deck.jpg


Eleanor Bly Mysteries - Movie Wheel Series

Feature Film Series

Creators: Jovanna Burke + Chelsea Hobbs

Logline: Upon inheriting her great-uncle's historic railway station, a recently widowed  restoration specialist, Eleanor, unravels her family's dark secrets, propelling her into a new passion, investigating the railway's history and the mysteries concealed in the forgotten suitcases she finds there.


Status: Script /Pitch Deck 

Mr. Black- Pitch Deck.jpg


The Summoning of Mr.Black

Feature Film 

Genre: Psychological Horror

Writers: Kevin Parkhouse + Jovanna Burke

Logline: When a teenager suffering from dissociative identity disorder suddenly loses her father to addiction, her trauma shows up in the form of an alt-personality which she must learn to defeat before she loses everyone and everything she cares about.

Status: Pitch Deck + Script 

The Uprising- Pitch Deck- Feature Film.jpg


The Uprising - Feature Film

Genre: Sci-Fi

Creator/Writer: Jovanna Burke


Logline: In a future where emotions are regulated by AI, a defiant data analyst uncovers a passion for ancient culinary and artistic expressions, sparking a sweeping revolution that challenges the oppressive regime controlling her smart city.

Status: Pitch Deck/ Outline



This 6-Part web-series won and was nominated for several prestigious Canadian awards including a 'Canadian Screen Award' for best original web series in 2014. 


Created by: Jovanna Burke, Nicholas Carella, Paula Giroday, Joel Sturrock and Fiona Vroom

Directed by: Michelle Ouellet 


-LEO AWARDS- Best Webseries

-VANCOUVER WEBFEST-Best Canadian Webseries

-LA WEBFEST- Best Dramedy

-LA WEBFEST- Best Director

-LA WEBFEST- Best Cinematography


-CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS- Best original digital series 

-LEO AWARDS- Best Actress (Jovanna Huguet-Burke)


When a young woman has had enough of her abusive, low-life criminal husband, she devises a vengeful escape plan to save her life and ruin his.

Written and directed by Adam Estey, The Trap is a progressive discovery of Audrey’s (Jovanna Huguet-Burke) unraveling scheme to escape from her abusive husband Marvin (Josh Blacker). Will she succeed in her quest for wealth and independence, or is her ruthless, cunning husband too much for her to handle? 

Produced by: Jovanna Burke, Andrew Burke, Lawra Robertson and Phillip Nee Nee

Directed by: Adam Estey

Screenplay: Adam Estey

Story: Jovanna Burke


-LEO AWARDS- Best Actress (Jovanna Huguet- Burke) 

-LEO AWARDS- Best Editing (Holly Pawlik)


-National Screen Institute Short Film Festival (Canada)

-Action Crime Festival (USA)

-Feedback Film Festival (USA)

-The Zone Festival (Germany)


Film Shortage-

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