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My Morning Routine

Mornings are always hectic at my house. With two kids at home, I barely get a moment alone throughout the day! Recently I changed my morning game and it has made ALL the difference in my sanity. I started getting up an hour earlier so that I could spend a little time doing something for me. Before the kids crash my 'me party' I like to lay in bed and read, do some guided meditations and journal. Sometimes I will even get some yoga in.

I rarely wear a full face of makeup for a day at the 'home office'—or on even on the weekends, for that matter. I do a quick 5-minute face and then wear full makeup only on days that I have an audition, interview or have to hit an event (obviously)- But otherwise I like to be as natural as possible when I am at home- plus I feel most comfortable just in my own skin. Here’s the morning routine I follow to keep my skin at its glowy best, every day.


This, people, is a powerful way to wake up your face. It is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that literally means 'scraping'. I have the WILDING BEAUTY EMPRESS STONE set, it comes with a mist and an oil and I try to incorporate GUA SHA into my mornings at least 3-5X a week.

With all the fillers and botox in the world, I wanted to try something that would actually help me form new pathways of blood flow and nutrients to soften signs of aging and support youthful looking skin over time. I found this about a year ago and it is helping so much with relaxation. Regular gua sha will also release tension, tone muscles and firm and sculpt skin, almost like exercise for your face.


Knowing that I am not a spring chicken anymore, I know the importance of quality skincare. AND skincare has ALWAYS been important to me so I want all the aging well products. The AgeWell line from Arbonne is the bomb, plus the entire line is vegan + cruelty free, so big bonus in my eyes.

I tried this line on a whim...and let me tell you, I absolutely feel the difference and love the way my skin looks and feels. I've been using it morning and night and I've had people stop in their tracks and tell me my skin looks I must be doing something right!

  1. Cleanser: Silky and luxurious foam. Does not dry out my skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple. Formulated with Vitamin B5 and stabilized vitamin C.

  2. Toner: This mist is my jam. Alcohol free- refresher, it is formulated with Vitamin B3 (aka Niacinamide) and restores the PH in the skin.

  3. Eye Cream: Loaded with Bakuchiol (a vegan alternative to Retinol) and caffeine. Helps with puffiness, dark circles and crows feet (yes please).

  4. Moisturize: HELLO AGING- Make sure you use an SPF- This one has it all. SPF 15 and key botanicals that help improve fine lines and wrinkles ...and this pretty much primes my face for make up on it's own too!


Take a minute with your naked self every morning with this head-to-toe miracle for your skin. You’re going to be obsessed, I promise. It’s so light on the skin, but heavy on the moisture. It sinks right in, and the results are just amazing. Body lotion is important to go clean with—it covers such a large area of your body and your body absorbs 60% of whatever you put on it and it's in our bloodstreams within 26 seconds through the why not switch to a clean option. Love this one and I happily slather my kids in it too!


I think it is important to approach looking and feeling good from the inside out. One thing that has seriously changed my gut game is my MORNING GLOW SHOT. An unhealthy gut can cause loads of skin issues. I take it everyday and it gets my metabolism going and gives me a burst of morning energy, plus it is benefiting my gut, skin, hair and nails. Win-win. My shot has 3 components:

  1. Be Well: GREENS. Consists of 36 different fruits and veggies. (Even if I forget to get my veggies in I know I am covered)

  2. Gut Health: Pre biotic/probiotic (3 billion CFU) , 11 Digestive enzymes. (Stay regular!)

  3. Skin Elixir: Vegan Collagen builder + Hyaluronic Acid. (Healthy skin, hair and nails!)


Drink a BIG glass of water right after your glow show and I promise you will feel amazing. I like to have a warm glass of lemon water- really gets things flowing.

Then make sure you are hydrating for the rest of the day too- remember we are 70% stay hydrated!

Links for purchasing any of the aforementioned goodies:

*For any of the Arbonne products- if you become a PC ($20/year to be a member) you will unlock 20-40% off the SRP for an entire year. No subscriptions, auto ships or monthly fees. Just think of it like an Amazon Prime membership for a little health/wellness spot.


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